Apr 8 20082008 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest is held every year at Purdue and requires contestants to complete a simple task with a complex machine in 20 or more ridiculous steps. Last year's objective was to juice an orange into a pitcher and pour the juice into a cup. This year's was to build a hamburger with patty, two vegetables, and two condiments. For the third time in four years the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers took top honors. Coincidence? I think not. I have the feeling there's something fishy going on here. Let's review the evidence: The contest is held at Purdue. Purdue wins a lot. *puts feet on desk, lights pipe* I think my work here is done.

Another video about the winning team and machine after the jump.

Thanks to Brownie, who is delicious with a cold glass of milk, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Perdue? Might want to fix that.

wow, I was so focused on "juice an orange into a picture", I didn't even notice that it was held at a Cluck U.

last time i checked i poured liquids into a pitcher

not only that, pour it into a "picture?" and if I'm not mistaken, quite a few different "Perdue" societies and associations participate in the contest. cool all the same.

Man, I wish I could see that live. I love Rube Goldberg-like contraptions. Anybody ever see the Switzerland exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry? It's awesome. I have a question, though: Since when did engineering students start looking like frat boys? Or is that only at Purdue?

I love the oven stuffer roaster.....Huh? What? Oh, nevermind.....

Who knew Andy Richter was an engineer on the side and like to judge contests. Good for you Andy!

Completely non-racist observation:

Anyone else notice that the purdue engineering team builds an awesome precise complicated machine that works perfectly, but the "black engineers team" build a simple piece of crap that doesn't even work right?

Man this makes me hope my house wasn't designed by a black engineer, or my car, or my computer, or my coffee cup.

I go to Ferris State our national championship wining Rube goldberg machine is insane in person

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