Mar 14 2008Wind-Up Robot Dances Better Than I Do


This cute little wind-up robot dances better than I do and costs about $10.50. You just wind him up and away he goes, breaking it down with moves that make me jealous. How could he not brighten up your mood? I think it's just the thing I need to add some flair to my cubicle and make me laugh while the boss is busy pissing all over me. Which, until recently, he used to only do figuratively.

Cutsie wootsie video of him pumpin' up his jam on the dance floor after the jump.

It's the Adam Frucci White Guy Dance Robot!

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Reader Comments

Cool, yet.... hmm. 10.50 should be more like... 50 cents. From a gumball machine.

That video is 30 seconds too long.

what a rip off price........

i got one for free that was promotiing Sprite zero.

LAME! Sprite were giving away little dancing robots last year that did a much better "cabbage patch" than this thing. And who's billiant idea was the red shiny knob?
Fail, twice!

I got one of these for christmas and it was only about $2 from a toy bin at cost plus.


Shame about the price...
But the music was quite entertaining!

man they sell these things at the dollar store for a buck. lol who would pay 10 bucks for that?

$10.50? I live in the Philippines and I see those things being sold on the sidewalks for less than $1.00! :D I bet I can find a place that sells them for less than 0.50 cents if I go to the market.

Okay, apparently robots that dance and also make coffee and toast in the morning are available everywhere for a nickel *rolls eyes at the whingers* but I thought he was cute. Have to admit I'd rather pay double for one that had more than one dance move in his repotoire, but I can see how he'd brighten a dull day at work.

Dancing robot? When the man starts hollering I gets out me guns...happiness is a warm gun.

Maybe that's why I'm sad and alone

$10.50? really? there is a store near where I live that you can get those for a buck

Utter shit

How the hell does that one in the vid dance so long? I have one (gotten for free about 3 years ago incidentally - $10.50 now.. ha!) and it barely dances for 10 seconds when wound fully.

cheeseycom - vid looks like it made from two separate clips, the second one cutting in at 14 seconds or so. Guess they did it to make the dance last longer?

Ah I see... now that you mention it, it jumps in several places.
I really should pay more attention..
Cheers for pointing that out Ooper.

I bought the exact same thing at an artsy toy store for less than half a dollar. Pretty cool toy though, been watching it dance for hours.

Like... it's cute but I was hoping for more moves than that.

this many years old design in China

Um, "Cutsie Wootsie"? WTF is wrong with you, GW? It's just a decoy while the other robots come in and rape you before they destroy the world!!!!!!

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