Underwater Habitat For Sale On eBay

March 31, 2008


After the homemade island debacle of a couple of weeks ago, I was reluctant to post this underwater habitat. But I'm doing it anyways in hopes of normalizing the situation and moving on with my life. For sale on eBay is a 300 square foot underwater habitat that is going to attempt a World Record in June for longest uninterrupted stay beneath water.

The record attempt will be used as a publicity event to highlight the habitat and the future company which will build these Worldwide. The successful bidder will have the option of becoming a partner in the future company. (25%) It will be there for a period of 3 months and then raised again. The living space is that of a Large RV (300sq ft) and it has full access to the internet and cable TV. The Habitat Waterford is connected by umbilical cord to the surface with power, fresh air and telecommunication being piped underwater. With no use of petrochemicals.

The bidding starts at $50,000 with a Buy-It-Now of $80,000. The record breaking will be attempted off the coast of Miami, but if you don't live there they say they can build these things anywhere. Real? Fake? Old? Old and real fake? You be the judge. But not the bailiff, I get the gun and to do the oath thing with the Bible.

UPDATE: Looked at the myspace page for the guy behind this. Questionable (but not as bad as Jack). Posted after the click. WARNING: His sultry stare can and will make you cry like a baby.

Several more schematics and info about the thing after the jump.





ebay Auction

Myspace Page

Thanks again to AronRigo, who can hold his breath underwater for like two years, for the tip

  • cavanaugh1

    Does anyone know of sites or where i can buy cheep,small underwater living quarters. Needs to be big enought for at least two divers working in 100ft of water or less. Want to find something we can use in the recovery of shipwrecks.

  • cavanaugh1

    Looking for something cheep and small enought to hold up to two,three divers for a couple days at a time. Will be working in less than 100ft of water for up to three -four days at a time.Wondering if theirs any sites out their that make or sell something like this.Want to be able to work on salavging shipwrecks.

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