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Surprise!: Aircar Can Both Fly And Drive


Here at Geekologie we've seen flying cars in the past, and here comes another. The Milner Aircar can be both flown and driven. The $450,000 vehicle is capable of going up to 200 mph at 25,000 ft and 85 mph at 0 ft. This is great and I definitely need one. That way on long trips when my wife starts asking "Are we there yet?" and screaming at me for going the wrong way I can just push her ejector seat button. "Later honey!" *click* - PSSSSSHHHOOOOOOOOW!! Then I'll do a barrel roll and take aim at her with my laser cannons. *peow, peow*

Several more pictures (of a car prototype) after the jump.




Drive a flying car that looks like you built it yourself [dvice]

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