Mar 5 2008Singing and Moving Clown Urinal Makes Me Want To Just Pee On The Wall Instead

So I wake up this morning and what do I find in my inbox? A link to a singing clown urinal in Osaka, Japan. Basically you walk up to the sucker and he starts singing and moving up and down the wall while you try to pee in his mouth. WTF!? What are we teaching the youth these days? This does not lessen my fear of clowns one bit. It was bad enough before I knew the sick bastards liked drinking urine. He won't be singing for long though. Not after somebody decides to sit there and hit him with a #2.

Crazy Singing Clown Urinal Makes Us Go HAHAHAARRGHHSTOPDOINGTHAT! [gizmodo]

Thanks to Shawn and Meredith, who both hates clowns as much as Anticlown Media does, for the tips

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Reader Comments

Nice c***suckinglips though.

Proof yet again that the Japanese are the most degenerate race on the planet.

To make things worse, it sounds like it gargles as it sings. Gross.

#2 that would make you at least in your 80's, possibly in your 90's! way to go posting on dads 83 and he wont even turn a computer on.

oh, and he fought in WWII.

"Not after somebody decides to sit there and hit him with a #2."

In australia, we call this "borrie worry". It's even better when you turn the nozzle on those hand-driers upwards and......... borrie worry?

Why are there even clowns in this world? Nobody makes a Satan toilet or sends Satan to childrens birthday parties. Clowns creep me out. I vote to send all Shriners and their clowns to Iraq - front lines, no armor.

14 years from now there will be a huge influx in japanese watersports when all guys want to do is piss in girls mouths.

Nah, that can't be Japanese...there's not eight tentacles coming out and raping a young girl in a school uniform.

...probably not the most brilliant thing Japan's come up with -__- I like the cool fishtank w/ turtle/toilet much more...

proving that Japanese people are in fact the coolest in the world.

Doesn't anyone else think it's kind of odd that someone was filming an Asian child peeing?

I finally gave up and pooped in it.

That brings back horrible, horrible memories.<:'(

that is sum crazy sh*t!

wtf is this shit!?!?!?!?!?

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