Mar 31 2008Seoul Commune 2026 Looks, Uh, Interesting


Since I know so many of you out there love conceptually crazy buildings, here comes another -- Seoul Commune 2026. Not exactly the design I would have gone for, but what do I know? I've only won the damn commune design competition eight years running. Anyway, Green Towers is to be built in Seoul, South Korea and cover approximately 400,000 square meters. Each of the 15 towers will range in size from 16 to 53 stories, and all will look ridiculous. What exactly was the inspiration for these things? Coral? Mushrooms? Misshapen dongs?

The towers' functions are separated into public, private, and commercial, offering purely-private rooms called "cells", communal spaces for public activity and welfare/medical facilities. The base of the 15 towers, where the park merges with the towers, creates the widest spaces of the site. Above, the first floor is 75 meters wide and extends up to the height of the first five stories. The ground floor space is reserved for pedestrians. Three walkways converge there and circulate around each tower's elevator core.

Screw it, I'd live in one.

Several more pictures of the ridiculousness after the jump.





Seoul Commune 2026 - future project

Thanks to SeeFood, who is deliciously delicious, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Huh... I'd sooner *not* live in a 'cell'

Misshapen dongs?

I resent that.

those are the sweetest things I've ever seen, I'm so moving there.

They look like cactuses.

They look like targets.

So everyone in the future does yoga... WTF

That's the best looking suburb I've seen.

I could really see myself getting lost quite often if I lived there.

They look like the Kago from Super Metroid!!

Looks like a place very modern elves would live.

I want to pet the fuzzy tops :)

I wish you would pet my fuzzy top.

Shruburb? Get it?


I'm designing a commune in Venice for my second year project at architecture school.

I'm looking for more examples of commune design like the one above. Can anyone point me towards more info?


I love the idea of them being covered in greenery. I'd imagine it would be incredibly difficult to maintain, however.

just joking

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