Mar 25 2008Robot Watches Kids While Parents Shop


This scary little bastard is a robotic babysitter developed by Tmsuk and currently being utilized by a retailer in Fukuoka, Japan. It looks like a cross between a cat, the devil, a shitty digital camera, and a bumper car. The unit packs an integrated projector and can communicate with annoying little kids through the use of a special tags the rugrats have to wear. No word on how much the robots cost, but I bet they're expensive. And ridiculous. My dad didn't need a babysitter for me when we went shopping. No sir, he just lashed me to the front of the shopping cart. Plus, whenever I misbehaved he'd teach me "valuable life lessons" about how long scars take to heal by running me into displays and other people's carts. *sniffle* Love ya, dad.

Robot babysitter keeps kids occupied in Japanese store [engadget]

Thanks to Shawn, who can destroy robots with just a stare, for the tip

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That robot would give me nightmares. I wonder how hard I could kick it in the junk before it stopped following me around.

all fun and games til that thing goes mental and rips apart your kids...

I never did like Hello Kitty...

Noo! The robots have gotten to our children too! This is a sign of the end!

it's all over, just sign your bank acct and deed over to me. i'll watch your estate until they get the last one of us. which is going to be tomorrow morning, say, around 8am, so do it now, before they get to *you*.

kids. they're such nuisance i hate them. just look at that little bastard.
why create an expensive machine to look after your kids when you can just put them all in a little storage room like i do.

err.. just stick the tags on some other kid walking past then do what you want :P

Cute kid.

that's not a kid - he's the guy who invented the robot. Japs are short you know

We're passing over the elephant in the room here: Fukuoka? Whoever came up with this name never dabbled in English.

Maybe I'm just pronouncing it wrong.

The robot is the one at the right side? fugly scary!!

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