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Perfume Is Nasty, Gross, Nasty, Not The Worst We've Seen, Well, That's Debatable


Sécrétions Magnifiques is a scent from odor maker Libre D'Orange. And let me tell you, it probably won't be a treat for the ol' olfactory system. That's right, the cologne was designed to smell like a rotting corpse! Just kidding, it's a combination of blood, sweat, saliva and sperm. Which is pretty nasty. In the category of bad scents it's right up there with German Poontang Juice. A 50mL bottle will set you back about $76 and sounds like one of the worst wastes of money ever. I don't even know what else to say, except I paid extra for the overnight shipping option.

Smells Like Teen Spirit [divinecaroline]

Thanks to Patricio, who doesn't smell like complete ass, for the tip

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  • David Lincoln Brooks

    Psst... the concept is a kind of fun hype... SECRETIONS MAGNIFIQUES actually smells very interesting and pleasant... kind of like coconut milk and a hot electric clothes iron.

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