Mar 6 2008One String Willie Plays Guitar With One String

One String Willie is a recovering smack addict who used to turn tricks in a parked van to pay for his next fix. Not really, he's just some guy that likes playing a guitar with one string. I think his song is pretty impressive. You may not. But think about this -- if he's that good with just one string, imagine what he could do with, uh, half of one string. Not as much as a whole one? Really? Damn I hate fractions.

One String Willie [core77]

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This really isn't good. Like, at all.

what a crock of shit, its not harder to play with one string, it takes less dexterity, you just go up and down the neck, big woop
i wanna see him try 6 strings

Another one of those "because he can" type of videos...I think it's neat...not sure about that ending though...

Sounds like just about any song you play on one string. Thats why it sounded pretty much like every AC/DC solo ever.

Ya, this is stupid. Not impressive. Any beginner at guitar has probably experimented like this with one string before. Whoever posted this at core77 has obviously never picked up a guitar

PUSA much?

Does this guy seriously think he is Jimmy Page?

Whether you liked this or not, you should look up "beatbox flute" on youtube. There's a guy named greg patilla (sp?) who has a schtick, but he's also a genuinely good musician.

My friends at this dating site like guitar very much

WTF Geekologie writer. You post this, and not Mario Drums that I sent to you? An 8 year old could do that...

Hahaha made you watch.

I play guitar, and I'll admit this isn't the most technical or impressive piece of music ever. But, I think it shows what someone can do with some serious limitations. Reminds me of a poor bluesman with a beat up, piece of shit guitar. If he really was a recovering smack addict, this story would be better.

I like how he did that little de-tuning thing as part of the song.


Slash learnt guitar with a beat up old 1 string. the rest is history

super lame

at least he isn't so sick of black people music, kanye west is a terrorist and snoop dogs is a murderer. If it weren't for bands like linkin Park and Nickleback I'd give up on listening to music all together.

#16, LOL.

#16: If Linkin Park and Nickelback are what keeps you listening to music, your standards (if you have any) are about as low as the quality of music those groups put out.

Pretty sure Tenacious D did this 7 years ago.

whoa - my post disappeared...censored on geekologie - Streetcred +3

hahaha! I love how the dude telling #16 he has low quality standards is named ali g. You're clearly very cultured.

Ever heard of the monochord? An instrument specifically designed with one string. Try playing that...

I can't believe you dopes don't even know who that is! That is Michael Gurley from the idie rock band dada. He is truely one of the best guitar talents to grace the stage. Get your heads out of your asses and listen to some real music.

that was sh*t, i can play easyer vwith one string than six

I agree with all of the above... exceped #23 and #18

He needs a double neck guitar, so he'll have 2 strings.

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