Mar 10 2008Microsoft MySong Generates Music To Singing, Is Questionable, I Still Want

MySong is a program from Microsoft Research that puts instrumental music to your singing. Now I'm not going to bore you with all the details of how it does that or anything, just know that if you have a mouth and tongue, you're basically going to be a famous musician. You just sing into your microphone, and presto, the program adds musical accompaniment. No need to pay musicians to play actual instruments, their days are numbered! That being said, the program seems to lay down the same boring-ass piano riff no matter what you sing. Even after adjusting the "Happy Factor" control down to a minimum and cranking up "Jazz Factor", the resulting song still smells like a cat's ass. To the program's credit though, the people demoing are clearly no-talent assclowns.

NOTE: Skip to about 2:45 in the video for the start of the demos, hit the link to read more about how the program works.

MySong, from Microsoft Research, makes singing sound a lot better than it really is [istartedsomething]

Thanks to Scott, who doesn't need a program to produce songs that make women swoon, for the tip

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Reader Comments

It was little pitchy dog.

i love this!
is there any chance we can download it somewhere?

ha that video was funny. cool concept, i suppose. poor conner :(.

this software is amazing. i want it now!

like OMG. That is just too perky. We can all go to macdonalds, listen to britney, live in mcmansions, and be too happy for words (ie needing a song maker).

God damn... this f***ing sucks. Sorry but it just does. This is a perfect example of why we are still listening to the same music that came out 20-30 years ago.

Music has died. And this is (one of) the last nail(s) in the coffin. Good bye cruel world.

"I'll remember you forever true creativity, talent, devotion to learning the intricacies of musical performance and meeeeee"

I didn't see it, but I'm going to comment anyway.

Boydi xXx

Connor: If you want to write a song and don't play instruments do what everyone else does, it's called: write a poem.

Emily: "...our food contains no lead." WTF?? I'm glad a deli is advertising their food contains no lead, but damn. Ad agency?

Connor reprise: you're surprised she dumped you? POEM!! The reprise sucks.

Ben: it might be decent if "MySong" didn't generate the same damn chords for every song.

Britney: if you don't play an instrument, then look for a band so that you all can submit music together, because if you submit a demo tape that you made with MySong, then people will laugh at you and use it for an "anti-MySong campaign." Or submit it to America's Funniest Videos.

Wow, this thing is genuinely can get microsoft drag and drop drummer and do your own digital music or cakewalk and do it yourself with pre-loaded tunes that actually have variation in instruments and tunes.

im smoking a joint on MyBong

It's called "Garage Band".

This is the dumbest damn thing... singing should be left to people that actually know how to do it.


Well there goes my career...


Very lame...

OLD! Ashlee Simpson's been using this program for years.

LOL #13...

Don't worry Connor!!! With earrings like those we're all pretty convinced you're a homosexual anyway! :)

Wow, that's just horrible. The point of making music is to express how you are truly feeling, it's not something that a few shitty chords (that all sounded the same by the way) can make up. It takes time to learn how to play good music and that's EXACTLY why music is appreciated, because of the effort spent building it. This is just a poor concept that was carried way to far, and by Micro$ft? Jeez....

wow!thats realy cool!...But i think they were acting...Like i have this client and bla bla bla...but her face is realy weird..and Conners song sucked.No wonder she broke up with him.And DOES IT ONLY PLAY THE PIANO?thats so...boring...but cool :P

ugh all the music sounds the same

they used comic sans in the interface. instant lose.

It's turning into a world of posers.

Wow I can't believe some of the snobish rubbish some people have commented, the same kind of backward thinking people had about synthesis 30 years ago. OK the demo is cheesy but your missing the point, this is a ground breaking piece of software enabling those with good voices, without musical training to create songs. My understanding is that you can save the chords MySong creates as midi files and important them into a sequencing program, enabling you to change the sounds and edit the chords to something less obvious. Used creatively I think this could be a really great tool to enable more people to write good music.

This software doesn't create a good song on it's own, that, like every other instrument is up to the user but if it helps and enables more good music to be heard then great. And it can also be used for just a bit of a laugh.

Role on technology. Haters go get your dinosaurs.

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