Mar 3 2008Man Gives Wife Steampunk Mac For Wedding

Dave Veloz built this sweet little steampunk Mac Mini for his wife-to-be and give it to her for their wedding. Doesn't it look good? It's so heartwarming to know there are still people in the world who care about their significant other enough to do/make things for them. It's just so damn romantic. Almost as romantic as the gift I gave my wife on the day of our wedding. Yep, beat an unidentified VD from the stripper at the bachelor party, Mr. Steampunk Mac Mini. Oooh, burned! Tell your wife to call me when she's looking for a man who really knows how to treat his lady.

A bunch more of the beautiful computer after the jump.





Steampunk Mac Mini, Keyboard and Monitor Make one Great Wedding Present [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

that's awesome, I'd want a keyboard like that

These Steampunk things are legit! I must have one..

that's beyond lovely.

So a couple of goths got married huh.

I don't think I'm goth! :)

I love these. I want one. How much does it cost to do that? Could I do it?

Amazing. But where's the mouse?


I want!! That rocks!

I wish i receive such a beauty as a weadding present.

keyboard looks uncomfortable to type on. i like the screen though.

and the punch line would beeee... (besides love, of course, and that sweet romantic thing melting y'all) ? Maybe the guy doesn't trust his lady and he's presenting with this so called from the heart computer, when, in fact, it's a Trojan horse fed with lots and lots of spyware to give him the comfi control impression.

Who knows? Looks rather original, I give him that! and would fit marvelously even in hundred-years old decorated house (hope the lady is appreciative about how much her man has put into this project).

@MTK - good point! Where's the mouse? :D

I loves it! Would love this as a wedding gift ^_^

It doesn't need a mouse.

It uses Jedi mind control, duh.

Lucky girl! Geek artists with such aesthetics are hard to find but so very fine. I hope the marriage is filled with as much grace.

The mouse was still being worked on there are a few additional pics at the link provided.

Mac? yeah..that seems right.....POS

Georg; Macs are good for certain things. Of course, our general use of them, not so much. But digital arts etc, it's good.

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