Mar 10 2008Live Underwater: Dive Tanks Recycle Oxygen


The Poseidon Mk IV Discovery is a dive tank that recycles oxygen, so you can stay underwater long enough to fall in love with a mermaid and produce mutant children. Awesome, I know. Just don't go settling for a manatee like I did. The system works through the use of C02 scrubbers and oxygen cells powered via lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately the unit does not protect divers from the bends. Or the runs. Which, in my case, are a serious problem.

Mk IV Discovery rebreather recycles oxygen for longer diving [dvice]

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I hope it recycles my piss so I have something to drink. And my shit so I have a snack. Mmmm peanut buttery goodness.

Then I'd feel like an astronaut

What's new about this? Rebreathers have been around forever.

#2, yes they have, but this one is new and very very very improved. Read the full article before posting stupidity.

I for one, think it's awesome and I want four.

You can also read more here:

Oh and the full article is here:

Nothing screams intelligence like trying to jam four rebreathers in your mouth at once.

Looks like the big improvement is the addition of a computer. Woo - there's a new idea.

Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

I was only asking, guate. Thanks for the links. I really don't care about diving, though. That's probably why I didn't know that this thing is so very, very, very improved. I'll try to keep the stupidity to a minimum from here on out.

Holy shit. I was thinking the same thing “re-breathers have been around forever”, when I decided to check the comments… low and behold Captain “gaute6” Nemo was here throwing a hissy fit on the land dwellers. What a dick.

Anyway… Yeah, the thing about these that was cool before (breathing under water for extended periods of time), is still cool, they just added a computer to make it easier and safer for the commercial market. Was that so hard to say, Captain? Huh? Did you not get enough love growing up or what? Think next time before posting stupidity.

My apologies.

I've seen dive dorks "just like the SEALs" who want to use these for recreation dives. Unfortunately, the CO2 scrubber system forms poisonous gas if it comes into contact with salt water, so that person basically advertises themselves as someone with more money than sense..since I dont think anything you are looking at for fun is worth inhaling poison when there is a safe alternative. I dont know why you would want to use one if you weren't forced to, no matter how much you love the ocean (and I love it very much).

Red, the situation to which you refer is known as "caustic cocktail" and while in the past this had been a problem they have almost eliminated the problem through the use of hydrophobic (avoids water) scrubber units and traps to trap and condensate that may form during the exothermic reaction of the co2 being scrubbed from the breathing loop. The whole point of this unit is that it is the first "clubmed stupid" closed circuit rebreather (CCR) which is geared to the regular open water PADI diver as opposed to technical divers. If you look at the videos on you can hear Richard Pyle, an icktheologist with hundreds if not thousands of hours on CCRs and the father of deep deco stops, and Dr. Bill Stone the inventor of the previous CIS-Lunar rebreathers explain the details. Many of the things that make this unit unique are quite ingenious. No it is not as tested as good ol' open circuit (open circuit is what is frequently incorrectly just called SCUBA. SCUBA stands for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and hence a rebreather is still a SCUBA device; it's selfcontained, and used to breathe whilst underwater), but without people using it the technology cannot move forward. You may want to consider learning something about the topic to which you are posting so you don't show the world your ignorance.

thank you for the enlighted discussion. and patience you displayed. Most of us would have simply said " shut up stupid". and been finished with the dunce

its not the bends lmao its the benz

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