Life Isn't So Bad After All: The Rainbow Book

March 14, 2008


Rainbow in Your Hand
is a little book designed by Masashi Kawamura. When you flip the pages like a flipbook a little rainbow appears. How beautiful is that? You know, this makes me think that there still is some good left in the world and everyone isn't just a bunch of a-holes. Ah, I'm really feeling some inner-peace here. What the -- some dude is letting his dog crap in my yard. "HEY YOU! YES YOU, IDIOT -- THE ONLY ONE WHOSE DOG IS SHITTING IN MY YARD! PICK THAT UP OR YOU'RE DEAD. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHERE'D THE MACHINE GUN COME FROM? Fine, I'm going back inside." Life sucks, I hate everything.

Reading Rainbow [albotas]

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