Mar 20 2008How To Mod A Disposable Camera To Shock The User, Or How To Be A Real Jerk

This is how to modify a disposable camera to redirect the voltage that would normally be used to charge the capacitor to shock the unsuspecting user instead. I actually saw some kids do this in middle school a long time ago, but all they did was take the camera apart and take the two wires and twist them so that they were crossed but not touching. Then they'd slap you on the arm with it and they'd connect and shock. It was ghetto, and I'm pretty sure those kids have long since gotten their first taste of prison food. Anyways, this version is a lot classier than that one. There's some footage of people using it after the tutorial, and it looks like it works pretty good. I'm just glad they didn't try it on me, because they'd be in store for a little shock prank of their own. And that shock would come in the form of a live 240V wire being jammed up their ass. I swear, I'm such a prankster.

The Stunning Camera

Thanks to Chris, who is stunning himself and who I would not actually do that to, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Neat...back in Jr. High and High schools we learned about this in physics class. I like the execution, very well done.

in high school, a friend of mine turned one into a pretty much a taser. the kid he hit was on the ground. ahaha.

That is cool... Is the next mod how to shock friends with an 8-track?

Who the F uses a disposal camera anymore?!?!?!?!

That seems overly complicated for such a unsatisfying result.

totally gay

the dude really needs to up the voltage so the victims at least shit their pants.

i got shocked by one of those working at cvs, its definitely not something id do again

hey, where would i buy one of this from?

we used to do that at camp a councellor taut us!

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