Mar 10 2008Geek Bling: Periodic Rings Are Elemental


These Periodic Rings from ITSNONAME (wtf?) are available in silver, gold, and platinum. Each features the corresponding metal's atomic number and weight and come in sizes 7, 8 and 9. Silver will set you back a paltry $205, gold (14K yellow) a staggering $2,200, and the platinum a holy shitting $6,500. Now I can think of a lot better ways to blow $6,500, and none of them include periodic table themed jewelry. Although one does include a drive across country with a one-legged hooker and a trunk full of drugs. Wait, that was a movie idea. No, no it wasn't. That is how I'd spend $6,500.

Two more pictures after the jump, including one of what it'd look like to get punched.



Periodic Rings from ITSNONAME [notcot]

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Reader Comments

do they have a tin ring? maybe I could afford that. or how about Zinc

Wish i would have thought of this.

I wear my Nitrogen ring all the's about time they made precious metal rings, the gas rings have been circulating. I don't know about the pricetag though. Maybe some rich chemist? Or a rich _________ would work.

Could you really wear just one? I think the only way to do this would be to go all-out and rock all three on one paw.
I also think they should have special pricing for anyone who's willing to pimp all three at once. Like maybe they should give them to me for free. That's advertising dollars well spent....

.. Hydrogen ring. :D

Oh man, I can't believe they don't have one made of Iron. That would really be...Ironic...

There was this ticket seller at the movie theater whose name tag said "Fe Jones" I asked about it and he said "It's pronounced Iron Jones." I want to name my kid Iron.

A nice Pb ring with protective coating over the part that touches your finger would be nice or even Mg.

I want a cesium ring to show off at the beach! err...

Uranium rings! =D

I'd honestly like to see (and prefer) copper, cobalt, nickle and tungsten.

screw the rings. I'm going to pimp my grillz - I'll my teeth in the entire periodic table!

A very interesting idea, i soppose it's going to be a success.

Damnit! I thought (before I read through it) that you'd be able to choose your element! Screw just three choices!

Good idea ^^"

We've been doing atomic element earrings like this for over a year on Etsy - you would be amazed at the custom elements we've done. My favorite? Lawrencium for a guy named Larry. I suppose we should have thought of rings...oh well.

We get people requesting the actual material for the earrings, fine for Ti and Cu, not so much fun with Ni, and too darn dangerous for P! That had to be in silver, as did the the gases...

I love his deep milled design, nice and crisp. Great work.

I need a Kryptonite Ring...annoying Clark...boy-scout that he is...comes to Gotham all the time...would come in rock will keep me from shattering my knuckles.

To whom it may concern,

I found the two following items quite intriguing;

1. Periodic ring
2. Ring watch

Are these items for sale, and where would one be able to find them?

Richardt Venter

Periodic rings of bling indeed! If you wear one during an exam, would that constitute cheating? :-)

Any periodic rings for ladies? hehe
This is a unique way of celebrating one's inner geek.

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