Mar 12 2008DIY Vinyl Video Game Cabinet Is Cute


The SOOPA is a little $30 vinyl arcade cabinet that you get to decorate yourself. "The 7 inch vinyl toy can be customized with paint, markers, pencils, ink and more. Packaged with each SOOPA vinyl toy are stickers that you can also use to design a screen, marquee, and wrapping cabinet art. Pay homage to your favorite arcade games or make up new ones." The cabinet looks pretty much identical to this one, so you can get an idea of what it's possible to create. I'm gonna get really creative and design the sweetest video game known to man. I'm thinking something about a plumber dressed in red that has to save a damsel in distress from a sexually frustrated ape. I'm going to call it, um, Donkey Dong. The cabinet art will feature a primate waving his thingie around like he's crazy. Damn that sounds good. You know, my originality startles even me sometimes.

Another picture of the toy after the jump.


Soopa Coin Up Bros. On Sale Now! [albotas]

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Reader Comments

Hmmm.... I wonder if the artist collaborated with the company on these or if someone might have a lawsuit on their hands...

It looks like a urinal.

I dont like the feets.

With the shoe feet the 'joystick' looks like his 'knob'

This DIY rocks! I already got my hands on 3. People tend to hate when someone comes up with a great idea before they do. That clever Scarecrow. He did it again. I can't get over how peple apply homo references to everything they see... hmmm...

Are you a homo Josh? I was just saying the other homo how hard it is to homo the homo, especially homo a homo is homo.

For information on how to waste your money on one of these, contact Josh.

Yea, I'm a homo. Bitches like you ain't my type so stop tryin to come on to me. Soopa still has you fag bags talkin about it, so it's got to be good. LMAO!

No need to get all homo about it.


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I wonder if the artist collaborated with the


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