Mar 21 2008Call Of Duty 4 Gunshots Techno Song

Following in the footsteps of the songs made only with sounds from operating systems comes this entry. It's a techno-ish song made using the gun sounds from Call Of Duty 4. You might like it. If, of course, you're the kind of person that takes E and spend hours dancing around in the dark with glowsticks and sweating your ass off. Just kidding, I liked it and I don't do that. Anymore. My only complaint is that after repeated listening it started to sound like someone banging on a metal trashcan. Oh my God two mourning doves are doing it on the branch outside my window! Spring has sprung! At last. Ha, he's done already. Good show. Now the female's pecking him in the eyes.


Thanks to Skeps, who all the ladies love, for the tip

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Reader Comments

That was WAY better than I assumed it could possibly be. Bravo!

i'd say it was more industrial than techno, and those very well could be the sounds of trashcans and not real guns.

It concerns me how many dudes are likely aroused by this.

Not bad, just add some overdriven guitars & It's a real tune.
Dan - Don't be concerned for anyone else dude... The internet is full of morans & asshats. I wonder if you're really concerned about how aroused YOU are by this...
Me? I already had a pull today, so i'm all warm & glowy about this clip!

It's been done;

saw this like a month's pretty awesome. The original is pretty good too, if you can find it.

I did this like four years ago, without the annoying techno, when I was hopelessly addicted to a quake mod called urban terror. I used a bunch of the sounds from that game, including grenades and some menu sounds to make a song. In my opinion, far more listenable than that. Forgive the link to a myspace music profile, but:
http:/here is the song

Oh is the one imaginatively titled "The Gunshot"

@Beowulf: Yeah the ballad of black mesa sounds familiar, but I swear there's an even older one than that... I heard it a few years ago.

Aha! Found it: 'The Sounds of Counterstrike'

...someone has way too much time on their hands.

Yeah, us.
Well, those of us who spend that time looking for obscure internet songs to disprove the originality of this post.
Like, uh.. me.

How'd you record the screen/noise?

That was freakin'sweet!
This is another cool one... Battlefield 2 guns... actually very similar...

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