Mar 5 2008Brass Knuckles Chair Won't Beat Your Ass


Not too long ago we posted the brass knuckle inspired coffee mug, and now we're posting the perfect seat to complement said drink receptacle. The Brass Knuckle Chair looks tough on the outside, but is actually quite comfortable on the inside. Plus it has wheels. Available for an undisclosed amount, the chair features vicious styling and really lets your coworkers know you're a badass mofo. Well, as long as you don't have the rest of your cubicle decorated with unicorn posters and those long-haired troll dolls. Then you'd be sending mixed signals. Like that chick at the laundromat last night. From the looks she was giving me I thought it was pretty obvious she wanted me to rummage through her dryer and sniff the undergarments. Wrong! She screamed and called the police.

Brass Knuckle Chair Punches Your Butt With Comfort [gizmodo]

Thanks again to Shawn, who doesn't need brass knuckles to be tough, for the tip

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Reader Comments

bad ass

bad stupid ass

not bad stupid ass not ass

It would look better in leather.. that lambswool or whatever decreases the badassness of the chair as a whole.

Not not bad stupid ass not ass stupid as not asses with stupid asses, not.


It'd suck to be in a fight and have someone fall on the spikes (or walking around in the dark and running into said objects). Having said that, I want two: One for the pool, and one for the office.

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