Feb 8 2008Z-Coils: Go Go Gadget Stupid Springy Shoes


Well not only does this make two spring related posts today, it also makes this Inspector Gadget week at Geekologie, first with the personal copter and now the Z-coil spring shoes. First utilized by a clumsy cartoon inspector in the mid 80's, these shoes guarantee to aid you in your mission of capturing Dr. Claw and putting an end to M.A.D.'s illegal operations.

UPDATE: Okay, it turns out I bought a pair of these online one night when I was drunk and they just came. I've been running around the neighborhood and I've got to say, they're surprisingly comfy. I'm gonna take them out in a minute and do some tests to see how high they make me jump.

UPDATE: Not high enough to clear a bus, somebody call an ambulance.

Scariest Vision of the Future on Two Legs [io9]

Thanks to Sebastian, who can jump over buildings with a single leap -- barefooted, for the tip

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"two spring related posts in a row"
sure, if we just ignore the yoda cookie (or if you reorder things after realizing your mistake)

Jimmy likes Jimmy's new shoes. Jimmy jumpos higher with these shoes. jimmy is a slam dunker!

i believe it was M.A.D.D., if I'm not mistaken. Go go Gadget Copter!

Whoops, perhaps I'm confusing drunk driving fanatics hell bent on an alternate agenda with a faceless being hell bent on world domination. Happens like twice a week.

M.A.D. "Malevolant Agency of Destruction"
M.A.D.D. "mothers against drunk driving"
D.A.M.M. "Drunks Against Mad Mothers"

I saw a pair of these in Tampa, lady walked in with them and everyone stared, then her husband came in with a similar pair in black. They.... looked pretty dumb.

Kind of looks like a manly/unmanly high heel

I know a lady with back problems that wears these. They work like a shock-absorber just on a person.

There is a store in my neighborhood that sells these in San Francisco. I wonder to myself, who buys these, who wears them? I've yet to see anyone in the city wearing them or in the store buying them.

A nurse at my doctor's office wears them. She swears by them, saying they really help with foot and back pain. I don't know what my threshold of pain would have to be before I finally broke down and bought these things.

These are pretty much a modification of the other shoes that had the 4 springs on their soles.

I wouldn't be surprised if they made people feel better. We humans are designed to walk on the "balls of our feet," which is something that shoes ruined...so it's taking back to the fundamental walking stance, which is good.

This is the only tennishoe that my mom will ever wear. She's on her feet for 12+ hours a day as a nurse, and she has had problems with her feet and knees for some time now. But with these shoes she says, it makes the pain.l tolerable. I actually tried hers on and strolled around in them in the house, and I agree: they are super comfy, even if they are somewhat of an eyesore.

I was just agonizing over the fact that I had nothing in my wardrobe to make me look like a cripple. It is really hard to fake out Social Security Disability people since the budget got so tight. These should do the trick nicely.

Tip: wear the black pair. Use only one shoe. Wear a flip flop on the other foot.--especially if it's Winter - this will make you look appropriately destitute.

You really should get fitted in them properly as good as they feel now when you have them custom fitted to your foot, it is amazing what the shoes can do. I had back surgery, foot surgery and was close to knee surgery. 6 months after the foot surgery for plantar fasciitis then pain came right back. I found the shoes shortly thereafter and have never been happier to find something that helped so much. Check out a Z-CoiL store in your area www.zcoil.com

These shoes are ugly and I have read have cause serious injuries to some people...granted, these people were probably clumsy oafs...

Anyways, check out Gravity Defyer shoes though! I tried a pair and they are awesome. Plus you don't look ridiculous in them. Their new GDefy sport shoes look awesome! Wish I had the extra cash to get a pair.

dang that looks nice. yet it looks geeky hehe


im a douche

Crazy Ugly shoes, but the spring does absorb some shock, try Gravity Defyer instead.

Ugly shoes, try GDEFY SHOES instead, free for 30 days.


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