Wind Turbine Can't Handle The Storm, Goes Out With Flying Blades Of Fury

February 25, 2008

I'm from the school where you'd think more wind for a wind turbine would just mean more energy. Well, as this video proves, that is not always the case. Storm winds for this turbine spelled awesome disaster (although they spelled it awsum disastur, storm winds can't really spell) and a chance for super-sweet slow-motion replays. Poor turbine, just out there trying to produce some green energy, and next thing you know "BA-DOOOSH!" it's in a million pieces and generating no energy whatsoever. Sad, but fun to watch -- like a narcoleptic wiener dog (video of him after the jump).

UPDATE: Narcoleptic wiener dog video updated to much cooler one, thanks to Super Frank, my brother.

Exploding Wind Turbine Video is Destruction Delicious [gizmodo]
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