Feb 27 2008Salt And Pepper Maracas Make Seasoning Your Food Much More Musical, Fun


These salt and pepper shakers are shaped like maracas. So when you go to season your salad, mashed potatoes, meat or whatever the hell you kids are seasoning these days you can shake them like you're in a Latin band and really add some flair to the experience. They cost $60, which is pretty steep, but totally worth it. You should have seen my girlfriend shaking them around like a lunatic over her plate. She just looked so...musical. Actually, much more ridiculous than musical. I told her so and she broke the pepper one on my face and seasoned the wound with salt. ¡Dios qué dolor! Por favor, no mis pelotas.
Salt and Pepper Maracas [notcot]

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"¡Ah mi dios el dolor! Ella está muy caliente." doesn't make sense for a spanish speaker, since you are writing in a foreign language it would be nice that you write it properly, something like:

"¡Dios qué dolor! Ella está muy buena"
"¡Dios mio como duele! Que buena está"
I am not quite sure what were you trying to mean by "Ella está muy caliente"

Im subscribed to your feed and it has always been (and is) very funny, sorry for the small correction.

I saw these on Star Trek. The ones on Trek were better, though, as the 'handle' was so thin it was slightly flexible.

"Ella esta muy caliente" made sense in Argentina, as "caliente" can mean "angry".

"Por favor, no mis pelotas" is funnier though.

Looks like an anal sex toy.

it looks very nice....i like it.

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