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R2-D2 Beanie Cap: Please Make Me One


This R2-D2 beanie cap is freaking awesome and comes complete with holographic projector nubbin! Oh man I want one so bad. A woman by the name of Carissa is responsible for the design, and has the pattern posted on her blog so somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make me one. My head has been so cold this winter and this is just the thing to keep it warm. You see, all my hair was scorched off when I ran into a burning building to save an elderly woman and a bunch of newborn kittens/bunnies/puppies. Pretty heroic of me huh? Okay you got me, I'm going bald.

One more picture of the back after the jump.


R2-D2 Beanie Gives Us a Warm Fuzzy Feeling [gizmodo]

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