Feb 14 2008Marooned On A Desert Island And Need To Ramp Up Your Tunes? Build A Coconut Amp


This coconut amp was built by Steve Lodefink. Not much else to say except it's awesome and will certainly add a tropical island vibe to your next jam session. I was once trapped on Monkey Island (best game ever) for months and was forced to exist almost entirely on coconuts. They were my life blood. I ate them, I drank them, I talked to them. I threw them at things, I played games with them, hell, I even made love to the damn things a big SOS sign with them.

nutty as a coconut (amp) [technabob]

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Reader Comments

AWESOME!!! does anybody know how to get monkey island... somehow? that game was the shit!!!

...a tale of a fateful trip...

Why??? :) I suppose if you have a tiki bas and need an amp this would be great

seriously, where can you get monkey island these days?! one of my favorite parts was melting the lock on the prison door with the grog! and if you didn't get there in time, the stein would melt!!!

"This coconut amp was built by Steve Lodefink"

Oh, so that is the actual name of the professor from Gilligan's Island...

Monkey Island IS the best game ever!!! Whenever I ask my friends if they've played it, they don't know what the hell it is, but it is truly AWESOME

hmmm theunderdogs might have monkey island :P

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