Feb 7 2008Magnetic Curtains Are Kind Of A Neat Idea


These magnetic curtains, by designer Florian Kräutli are, you'd never guess by the name -- magnetic. The curtains contain hundreds of little circular magnets, allowing you to arrange your window treatments with just the right amount of crinkle to suit your taste. I'm really digging them. Almost as much as I'm digging that room in the picture, which, incidentally, is my office. We don't have desks or anything, just a couple of chairs and lots of debris on the floor. The boss said it's supposed to increase productivity, but so far it's just increased the occurrence of all-day office chair races.

A ton more pictures of the curtains after the jump, with a bunch of closeups.





The most ATTRACTIVE curtains ever made [yankodesign]

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Reader Comments

they're kinda cool but kinda scroungy too.

I'd be throwing paperclips at them all day.

you'd have to have a really post-modern, expensive home for that curtain thing to fly. It looks real cool when you have one sheet of it over a huge window but hang that puppy in my apartment and it'll look like artistically draped insulation. I think it's the color.....

Her outfit is ugly.
So are the f'd up curtains

I like the digital curtains that even change the color of the outside world better.

#2: lol, good one.

ohh. see i thought there was some big magnet at the top that u could control the curtain with.. but i guess that could create problems with pacemakers...

I think i'd throw people with pacemakers at them, that could be fun for a while

TO right a good chair race is always in order but so is a scrub brush and some bleach nasty floor. maybe ther going for a Kurt Cobain look and if that the case they need some one to make a dirty angel on the floor..

hello sir/madam
actually i want to know the pricing for one magnetic curtain.
though the design is very nice also an innovative idea butstill then u r targeting to which type of customers.

This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

pls let me know where can I find magnetic curtains to buy as a distributor in my counrty
best regard

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