Feb 26 2008LEGO MP3 Players: The Best Of Both Worlds


Everybody loves LEGO. Everybody loves music. So the LEGO-looking MP3 player just makes sense. Homade MP3 players (guaranteed to be built by an actual prostitute) are available in a variety of colors and each "comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that should give you about 6 hours of play time." They run $46, but you'll have to supply your own microSD packed with music. I'm still considering getting one. I think more things should come with LEGO-like styling. Like food. And as unbelievable as it may sound, my petition to get LEGO blocks represented in the food pyramid has been met with staunch resistance. But I shall not fail: Viva la LEGO food group revolucion!


lego mp3 players and ipod dock: block rockin' beats

Thanks to Rachel, who makes me feel like I'm a kid again, for the tip

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Got some Lego hard drives by LaCie that
are pretty awesome. I am digging these too!
The only thing is I stack my hard drives the
way real Legos do, but I guess you won't
have more than one of these in order to
justify the stacking. Looks cool though.


lego food, ha!
"quit playing with your food"
"but mom, I'm almost done building the sears tower"

Thank you, good folks at Kelloggs, for delivering us from Lego food deprivation.


There *are* Lego-like blocks that you can actually eat. Made of candy. They had them at Toys-R-Us a few years ago, and I bought a pail. They were good, and buildable. They even had their own flavors! Wow! I helped!

Seriously, look them up.

i've never been much into lego - ever since my friend and i were entered into a lego building competition. i built a basic house structure - complete with a door and window, and he built a scale model of a guy sitting on a camel, with a dog following on a leash. this would have been enough for him to win the comp, but no, he had time left over, and so built a very futuristic concept model airforce fighter plane!!!

I learnt about limitations that day - and have never exceeded at anything else since. lego suxorz.

Maybe they just aren't sure about where in the pyramid "horse and cow hooves" should hit?

Viva la horse and cow hoof food group revolucion! - Just doesn't have the same ring - apologies


They also have gummi lego fruit snacks. Unstackable, but damn tasty.

They do make lego gummies, actually..

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