Kinetic Energy Powered Cell Phone Is Green

February 14, 2008


The Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone concept is made out of aluminum and glass. In the center you get to see the kinetic energy harvesting unit, which is similar to those in fancy kinetic watches. Turning the phone upside down a few times will juice the unit up enough to make and receive calls and text messages (which is about all the phone will do). I like it. Design is a little weird, but that's to be expected. And you know what else should be expected? Dinner on the table when I get home. I mean I've got two dogs and three cats and all they do while I'm at work is sleep their asses off. Is it too much to ask for them to put a damn Eggo in the toaster? I know those freaking cats get on the kitchen counter when I'm not around, don't tell me they couldn't do it.

A couple more pictures of the phone after the jump.



Kinetic Cell Phone [yankodesign]

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