Feb 8 2008I Don't Know About This: The Taser Shotgun


The taser shotgun is a shotgun that shoots taser rounds. It sounds scary as shit because it is. I don't want to get hit by a shotgun or a taser, so this would be like a double whammy. A double whammy of pain. And pain, my friends, is bad. We all know that. What we don't all know is why the hell there's a taser shotgun on the market. So I'll ask my trusty Magic 8 Ball. "Outlook not so good." I couldn't have said it better, Magic 8 Ball, I couldn't have said it better.

A promotional video that's supposed to give you a boner after the jump. I put it up from Liveleak and Youtube, because the Youtube ones seem to get taken down.

Product Site

Thanks to Skot and Paul, both of whom could be shot with this thing and not even flinch, for the tips

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looking forward to the student abuse videos.....

Holy crap this is a sweet idea. there has been trouble in the past when i have tried to introduce firearms into the houshold, but i think this is a happy medium we could all live with. is this for sale to the public?

"accepts only less lethal ammo". well, that's good to know since... hey wait a minute. just what the hell does "less lethal" mean? you die slower? lethal is lethal. there's no more or less about it.

how bout a taser bb gun


"Don't taze me, bro!"

Yeah, the Dont Tease me Bro guy must be scared as hell

Hahaha hard to take a weapon seriously when it has bright yellow mixed with black.

Looks like a damn toy.

Go ahead shoot me haha.

I think less lethal refers to the fact that it doesn't always kill. Mind you sometimes it'll kill the hell out of the person. I doubt that'll help settle the idea of introducing firearms into your house, "come on honey, I only might accidentally kill someone"

saw this in an episode of "futureweapons" [guilty pleasure, what can i say, mac's hilarious in an unintentional non-self aware kind of way]. it looks like a decent idea that will inevitably be horrifically misused, just like the real taser.

I finally got to witness a tasering at Mardi Gras this weekend. Having been tear gassed a couple times, I would much rather take my chances with the canisters then these things. The best part was how this female cop calmly zapped a 270 pounder, cuffed him, and read him his rights without breaking a sweat. Of course his buddy got the night stick treatment from the other cop...

loved how that video didnt show anything.

Less Lethal....sweet

The "don't tase me bro" guy is Andrew Myers of the University of Florida. I'm glad he inspired new weapons to be used.

I looked up the tag: "don't tase me bro" and the tase-proof jacket that was posted months ago didn't come up...strange.

It looked like there was an actual shotgun shell inthe video. "oops, I put in the wrong ammo, sorry..." ... ... um ... "Don't kill me bro!" ?

scared now.

Love this little device.. Whether fire arms in the house is an issue or not, it sure as hell would be satisfying to see an intruder on the wrong end of this stick.

Wow... "Less Lethal"? Still doesn't sound friendly. I'ma be a good boy now. : D

I am going grocery shopping with a whole new attitude.

To Cashier: You're not going to front me a 25% off coupon?
*uses Taser shotgun*
To Self: I'll just take that coupon now and ring up at the next register.

I love how it's gone from "non-lethal" to "less-lethal".

Covering all bases I guess.

#18: yeah, since people have actually died from tasing (or tasering), I guess the name is better.

Wow, it makes me so much f***ing more comfortable to know that it's 'less-lethal' than an actual f***ing shot-gun that can f***ing tear you apart.

they are just shells and are fired out of a normal shotgun.
The term less lethal is used because these weapons are just made to stun and disorient a combatant or hostile force they are not made too permently harm or kill.
I know this info because i am the less lethal officer on our departments tactical response unit

This is not a normal shotgun, it has a specially modified bolt-face that will only chamber the taser rounds. It will NOT chamber regular shotshells. The shotgun is made by Mossberg, you can find more info at their site. I guess you could put the taser rounds in a normal gun though.

And they call it "less lethal" as a reminder that there is a chance it could kill. They used to call tasers/pepperspray/tear-gas/whatever "non-lethal" but they changed after some people died. Back when I was in grade school, they taught us about having "safe sex" with condoms/birthcontrol/etc. Now they call it "safer sex" which is technically more correct, since sex is never 100% "safe". Same basic thing.


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