Feb 14 2008Happy Valentine's Day, I Love You All


Happy Valentine's Day! I want you all to know that if you don't have a special someone in your life then I would be more than happy to substitute until said person is found. Partly because I'm such a nice guy and love you all, and partly because my girlfriend sucks and I can't stand her anymore. You see this LED display she made me? Cute right? Too bad she really meant it. I think it's the clap, but I'm going to the free clinic this afternoon just to be sure. It feels like someone took a blowtorch to my ding dong. Anyway, happy Valentine's Day everyone, stay clean.

Valentine's day projects [make]

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V.D. lol

Remember folks, it's always better to hear from your doctor that you have VD, and not from your dentist.

Happy Valentine's to all.

guate6 that one is good, definitely made me laugh

Happy Singles Awareness Day (SAD for short) to you too.

A friend gave me and someone else a stuffed crab today
and told us
"Happy VD, I gave you crabs."

:) haha happy V day to ya too geekologie writers and keep up the laughs

happy valentines day.... until someone mistakes this LED array for a bomb, calls the cops and shuts down a major city....


Happy val to everyone love you and be loved too make sure you put smile into your some one face so that you will be smile for ever and ever and ever and ever

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