Fly Mask Has Drinking Tube, Looks Iffy

February 13, 2008


This sippy mask was made by artist Jennifer Maestre.

This mosquito-esque mask is made of coiled, sewn, polyester horsehair braid. One cool thing about this mask- it has a drinking tube up the proboscis. Nothing stinks more than having to remove your face each time you'd like a sip of something tasty at a party!

Cool I guess, but I question how often it would actually get use. I'm sure if you wanted to be an idiot like my roommates you could get drunk in it every night, but honestly, you don't want to be like those guys. For us normal people it would only be appropriate the one day a year it's kosher to dress in costume and get drunk as shit -- Valentine's.

A picture of it glowing in the dark after the jump.


Sippy Mask Turns You Into an Alien From Mos Eisley Cantina

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