Feb 29 2008C-3PO Papercraft Looks Good, Strung Out. I Could Never Make It In A Million Years


This week's earlier Papercut Art really got me thinking about paper in a bad way. Needless to say I've been looking up Papercraft stuff since then and wishing I was more patient and skilled with my hands. But alas, God gave me club-hands and they're good for very little but playing Whac-A-Mole without the mallet. At least I can still look at these marvels of paper. Well, not technically, since I was born with peg-eyes. My girlfriend describes them to me though, and they sound super awesome. Except I can't really hear because God forgot to cut out my ear-holes, so she just punches me in Morse-code. You know, sometimes I wonder if life could get any better.

Three more cool Papercrafts after the jump, one of K-3PO (C-3's bastard cousin), one of the Links from 4 Swords, and a really clever one from Paper Gear Solid (which might be considered cardboardcraft).





Thanks to Richard, who, as always, is awesome beyond belief

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3PO looks awesome. Paper art isn't what it used to be...

you can't fold paper more than 7 times

Yeah i saw on myth busters, they tried a HUGE piece of paper.............doesnt matter how big....still cant fold it more than 7

Haha! "Paper Gear Solid".....I love it. Remeber kids, if you are ever in trouble and need to go unnoticed, hide in a cardboard box. It works for Snake every time.

Are you people intellectually bankrupt? These aren't solid pieces of paper, and many of them aren't folded that many times. From the look of it, many of the pieces are gently curved, and they're probably hollow inside. Just because you can't wrap your mind around it doesn't mean it can't be done. Idiots.

yeah i agree with #5 Jill you can tell it is not folded paper most is hollow and there is tape involved to hold it together. if you people were on here earlier when the halo sparten paper was one here none of you said that was fake so why cant you believe this is real

Not to get too off-topic, but I saw that episode of Mythbusters and they folded one 11 times... the myth was BUSTED.

I don't know about that one on Mythbusters and I don't know how they folded the paper, but I'm pretty sure that you can't fold a piece of paper more than 7 times IN HALF.

I could be wrong, but... No, wait, I'm pretty sure I'm right on that one.

You guys may be missing the biggest issue..why is C3PO sporting a camel toe? coincidence? i think not...

They used a steamroller to get folds 9 through 11. The mythical eighth fold was completed using the power and leverage of the weight of 6 people.

Althought the eighth fold was not very aesthetically pleasing, myth was BUSTED.

They used a steamroller to get folds 9 through 11. The mythical eighth fold was completed using the power and leverage of the weight of 6 people.

Although the eighth fold was not very aesthetically pleasing, myth was BUSTED.

All that being said, I believe the initial comment (#2) that initiated this whole paper folding argument was simply meant to be humourous. I believe Luddites was simply poking fun at the narrow-minded.

@6tringer - thanks for getting the humor.

see my prior posts, explaining to narrow minded (guate6 included) that paper can be fold a limitless number of times (assuming that you have a large enough piece of paper)

and you don't need a steamroller. just a longer piece of paper.

Actually you can fold a paper mopre than seven times, the Mythbusters did it

uh, that isn't C3PO, it's K3PO.

Luddites: I'm surprised you had someone recognize sarcasm/humor but you of all people couldn't recognize mine...for shame.

No problem Luddites, I enjoy reading the comments posted by guate6 and yourself. You two are as entertaining and informative as the geekologie writer(s).

Hey 6tringer why don't you just suck off guate6 and luddites? Suck up.

Ha! Too funny. Thanks for the laugh stereosympathy

Listen! Listen you guys! If I can fold my penis more than 7 times than you can definitely fold a piece of paper more than 7 times!

I just love how the posters who didn't get Luddites little joke *actually* thought he believed that paper couldn't be folded more than 7 times in any way. Like maybe he just heard the myth one day, and instantly believed it to be true - eyes wide with wonder - maybe wondering how the paper would react to the seventh attempted-fold. Awesome. And THEY denounced Luddite as stupid...

It's something called a 'cardmodel.' This specimen is pathetically simplistic at that. You see, the pieces are cut out (usually with a scalpel) from a sheet of cardstock and appropriately folded. They are then glued together in amazing ways many of your simple minds are incapable of comprehending!

. Here's a good picture of a pretty nice model: http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Allen/ft17_1.jpg

Before you decry it as fake, explore the hobby a bit (Google works). It has a huge international following and gets rather amazing at times. You'll figure it out in a few hours, hopefully.

Oh, and no self-respecting cardmodeler would use tape. MoTT, I should punch you for that...


@damn looneytuns its not origami is papakura

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