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Aquaskipper Looks Iffy But Could Be Fun


Aquaskipper is not Barbie's little sister donning a wetsuit, but rather a water vehicle capable of backbreaking speeds up to 17 mph. The 26 lb device is powered entirely by your body movement, which requires you to kind of awkwardly hump the device to get it to go. It looks like fun doesn't it? I'm going to see if I can find a video to post.

Okay I found a video. It makes it look not as much fun as I was hoping. Way less fun as a matter of fact. Oh, and the video is from 2006 so it's OLD. LAME. FRIST! I win. What sort of prize do I get? A black eye and a testicular roundhouse huh? Sweet.

Video after the jump.

Aquaskipper flies you across the water, fast [dvice]

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