Jan 2 2008Table Looks Like Running Water, Is Glass


Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for display in downtown Tokyo, these tables are made to look like water running over a cliff. But they're not really water, they're glass! Didn't see that coming did you? Oh, you did. Well shit. Apparently the optical glass used (the same stuff observatory telescopes are made of) is expensive but has properties that lend to the whole rippling water illusion. But you know what, if you want something like this without the expensive glass, I'm just the man for the job. What you do is take rag and you jam it down the kitchen drain. Then you turn the water on full blast. In a short time, presto, waterfall countertops baby! Who needs expensive glass now? Not us. Just make sure to make them at a friend’s house or fast food restaurant bathroom. While not nearly as expensive for the initial setup, the long term maintenance cost of my water countertop design can be a real bitch.

Water table not actually made of water [dvice]

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Reader Comments

1st! w00t

Congrats, Quase!

Make sure you tell your mom so that when her friends start bragging about their children, she can chime in about that one time her kid posted first in a thread about a table.


Damn...always a bridesmaid...never a bride. Oh well my mom's friends already know I'm a loser.

Quase, what are you going to do now with the rest of your life?

My plan is to sit on my porch and yell at hippies to get haircuts...

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