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Sewer Doormats Add Slum To Your Porch


Feet First doormats are made to look like some of the world's most famous manhole covers. They're 24" round, made out of 100% recycled truck tires, and cost an unknown amount of money. I actually want one, because I'm setting a booby trap for Ninja Turtles. Once I catch one (probably Michelangelo, he's an idiot) I'll torture the bastard until he tells me where Master Splinter is hiding. Once I've located Splinter I'll make him teach me some wicked ninja moves. Then I'll kick my roommate's ass for always stealing my Fudge Rounds.

UPDATE: It appears someone had already thought of the idea, and this company is just knocking them off and expanding the line. Ah, capitalism.

Product Site

thanks to Sebastian, who could kick my roommate's ass for me if he was here, for the tip

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