Jan 11 2008RoomWizard Meeting Room Scheduler Is Iffy


The RoomWizard is a $2,000+ piece of crap. It sits outside a conference room and lets you know if the room is in use. You can use the touchscreen to reserve the room, view the upcoming schedule, or try to break it by punching the thing while wearing a heavy ring. Red and green LEDs let you know if the room is in use, and the thing can be accessed via the computer at your desk and synced with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. Wow, all this for over $2,000. It's a deal too good to be passed up. Screw using a big piece of posterboard with a pen taped to a fork taped to a string taped to the wall for room signups. That is so analog. That is also so the way we do things around there. Except I hang a sock on the doorknob too, to let people know when I'm having a very special meeting. You know, one with the boss's secretary my wife during her lunchbreak a potted plant. You know, the slutty one that used to hang out by the water cooler.

RoomWizard Scheduler For Busy Offices [ohgizmo]

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we have these at my school and they are useless. they power and cat5 cable can both be unplugged from underneath to screw with reservations. there is also a power button underneath that can be pressed to screw with room reservations. my school has about 10 of them....and they are a useless.

Seems like a sorta neat device, but in a workplace setting, you can already do this with Outlook without having to leave your desk.

My school has... 40 of them in our library.

No wonder my tuition is absurd.

Kinda takes all the fun out of saying, "That room is MINE. You go in there and I'll break your f***ing neck."

OMG.....they have these at the WaMu Campus in Irvine, CA....pointless...

Ok, so I don't get it. Outlook can do what this machine does...and is software...

This machine can sync up to Outlook...so........it's....um.....as most have said "worthless." Some things don't beat their analog counterparts. Granted Outlook isn't analog, but having a secretary, librarian, or a stupid sign-up sheet is, and this thing is worth its weight in...um...cough syrup...the cheap kind.

Our company uses these on most of our conf. rooms.

In a large corporate environment they come in handy.

Our 12 Conf. rooms' space / time is at a premium, and getting hundreds of engineers, Managers, sales people, executives and project managers on one easy to use, visible system is a driving factor in why we still use / purchase them.

For us it’s not about resource scheduling as much as the visibility of the schedule. The Room Wizard is a highly visible, highly available (via web interface,) solution. We use it as our defacto authority on who has what room when. No one has to check their PC or bother an admin assistant when waiting for a previous meeting in a room to end. It’s right there at the room door. It’s actually created a culture of ending meetings on time which helps us stay a bit more productive in these meetings.

Now, it does have its drawbacks. Price being the first glaring one. The older Spindle hard drive units are somewhat problematic, but the new Flash drive models are much quicker and reliable. A global master admin console would be a nice thing (they're peer to peer,) and yes, getting the power and network connections less accessible would be an improvement.

Just my $0.02.

Not bothering admin assistants?

WTF - that's their whole point of being!

Piece of junk!! The 2.5" HD has been replaced with a 2Gb compact flash card that lasts about long enough to get it out of warranty. Compact flash cards were not designed for that duty. The old RoomWizard was fairly reliable but the hard drive was the weak point. Steelcase/PolyVision will not provide a replacement drive or repair for the older RW01, only sell you a new cheapened piece of dung RW10 for $2000.00!!

Crestron has a much better solution and they will provide service.

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