Proof Of The Coming Apocalypse: Kitty Wigs

January 4, 2008


Not that I really needed any further proof that the world is doomed after the poontang juice last week, but for all of you out there that weren't convinced: Kitty Wigs. Kitty wigs are exactly what they sound like and cost $50 each. The colors, in case you couldn't tell, are pink passion, bashful blonde, silver fox, and electric blue. Each comes in a special metal storage case and includes a rattle toy so your cat will look at you when you try to take pictures of it. What is not included is a certificate that your cat can redeem to restore its dignity and self respect after they've been stripped from the poor creature because you're a sicko. And how much do you want to bet I'll get a call from my wife here in 15 minutes saying she just ordered the cutest thing ever for the cats? Guess what it'll be.

Kitty Wigs Product Page

thanks to Brian, who can totally spot a rug from a mile away, for the tip

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