Optimus Tactus Keyboard Is Questionable

January 3, 2008


We've posted the Art Lebedev 'Optimus Maximus' keyboard in the past, and now the company has another, entirely touch-surface model as a concept. If you're not familiar with the Maximus, it's a keyboard in which every key is a little OLED display, customizable to whatever you want. The 'Optimus Tactus' would be the same, except the whole damn thing is one huge flat surface. Which I don't like because I like pushing buttons, it's rewarding. However with the extreme customization possible, I'm sure there are some good uses for the thing (video, music, graphic work, etc.). But seeing how Art has already been seriously struggling to get the Maximus out the door, I wouldn't get too excited. What I will get excited about is lunch. Because my girlfriend is fixing one of my favorites -- crackers on a hotdog bun. Damn we're poor. That's okay though, because we've got love. And by love I mean scabies.

Optimus Tactus Touch Keyboard Should Be Called Optimus Retardus [gizmodo]

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