Jan 18 2008Now That Is A Batcave Home Theater Setup


Well we've seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, and even a cave inspired home theater, but now comes an actual Batman setup. The pictures come from a company called Elite Home Theater Systems (which actually just sells chairs), and look like they may just be conceptual. But if it is real and they don't let live bats fly around in there then it's stupid anyways. Stupid and sad. You know what else is sad? I think I backed over a squirrel this morning when I was leaving the house. Just kidding, I don't think it was a squirrel. Unless it was wearing a business suit and riding a bicycle then that's definitely not what I hit. Holy lawsuit, Batman.

One more picture after the jump.


Bat Cave Home Theater, Only Real Batman Fans Need Apply [uberreview]

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Kick ass.

Stalagtites don't get out of the way when you shout, "Down in front!!"

All that rock would make the sound shitty. Has to be just for looks. Take out those chairs and put in a pool with a bar and you got instant grotto!


I was thinking the same thing as JustBuzzed. I wonder how the sound is...probably not great. But, hey....it looks amazing!

It probably wouldn't be real rock, it could very well be made out of a soundproofing foam like material in which case the uneven surface would help to reduce reflection. That wouldn't suprise me if that was an intention of the design.

That's nothing. My apartment looks just like that all on it's own. Except it's not so much an apartment as it is an actual cave. And it doesn't have leather seats so much as it has bat shit everywhere. But I did kill one of those bats and scribble an f'd up looking batman insignia on one of the walls.

But it kinda looks more like "Help Me! I'm Poor and Cold!" than the Bat Signal...

Oh the irony...All the normal posts get that one dude to say "Fake!" on them, and now that this is potentially conceptual, nothing. Oh well. Looks alright. I still think they overdid the other theater where they got the industrial projector for more than I have yet paid for a car (and I buy imports).

Wow, now that is f*#&ing cool.

Wow, impressive!!!

So that's where the Justice League watches movies. Bat's house.

Im sure they all swim over at aquamans place. he's got a huge freaking pool.

good post

Sad? I actually think it's pretty rad.

Rhymes with sad. But opposite.

you, geekologie, are starting my week off right.


no bad

ThreePipeProblem used a lot of great Wrath of the Lich King imagery that speaks to ideas like dedication and bravery.

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