Jan 25 2008Make Your Own Custom Sharpie Pens


I used Sharpies all the time -- for labeling, drawing, and scribbling on my passed out girlfriend. In a shocking annoucement Sharpie has decided to allow you to customize your own pens with personalized message, clip art, and font choices. Why? The hell if I know, I don't work for damn Sharpie. What I do know is a 6-pack costs $12 and a 12er runs $22. I'm pretty sure they all have to have the same message though, which sucks. And so does the list of things you can't do:

**Please do not use any obscenities or offensive phrases. Be bold, but don't offend! **No celebrity names, please! Unless of course it's YOUR name! **No professional sports team names - we know you love them, but we want to respect their trademarks too! **No names of major events or landmarks. **No product names, trademarked names, copyrighted names or business names! **No school/college/university names! Use your imagination to find other ways to show your school spirit!

Wow, way to zap the fun out of pen customization, Sharpie. I still sent in an order just for the hell of it, but they emailed me back saying they wouldn't make them for. I tried to explain Cock B. Dragon was my given name, but they didn't falling for it.

Personalized Sharpies [notcot]

Sharpie page, which I used to make the ones in the picture.

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It saddened me that no one commented on this because it brought me much joy.
This is awesome.
There's a ninja font and a skull and crossbones graphic and I'm an office supply whore.
I get really excited when I'm in a Staples.
It's scary.

you seemed lonely over here...

"make your own, use your imagination..." um...right. So with all the "don't's" it's crap. It's easier to get sharpies and put labels on them with WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO SAY.

well......... i love sharpie's they rock u know sharpie is awesome and casey thinks sooo too a girl sitting next to mnrt

Hello my fellow lovers of sharpie well i love them too o.k i'm in love with them hey does any one go to poland u should email me , any way i love sharpie love u all i' m going to marry sharpie

All my friends rock including jewls p. and kay and amina m. love all my friends
kaitlin ,Poland

i'm realizing right about now that they eat lots of candy in Poland - or recently opened a Starbucks.

Those are awesome. That's a really great way to promote yourself, or to keep people from stealing your sharpie.

Very cool idea! Thanks for posting this.
Really its amazing information about Pens
Awesome job !!! keep it up.

There are many companies online that let you customize the pen in your browser and then send it to you. It's possible to even get free ones this way like business cards.

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