Jan 21 2008LINDO Laptop Holder Is Pretty Questionable


The LINDO laptop holder was designed by Henning Kunow to hold a laptop while you're sitting, standing or walking. It's utterly ridiculous and I definitely want one. Just think about it -- it's perfect for those times when you, you know, need to, uh, damn I got nothing.

Hip Office - LINDO [likecool]

Thanks to Ben, who is a very productive worker and doesn't need a laptop attached at the hip, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Perfect for "dick in a box" gags...

I usually do 100-yard dashes balancing my laptop in one hand, this will make that so much easier!


Where is the model for the grossly obese?!?

I feel like it needs to be higher on the body if you're going to be doing naughty things while surfing down the office halls. But then if you're doing this in the office, you probably don't mind people seeing you hunched over a little bit while you're doing it.


Is that Dwight Schrute in the top right?

That looks very weird. It would bump into every thing.

Can it support the weight of Trya Banks? I really need to know.

I bet the new MacBook Air would float away :(

This reminds me very strongly of The Typing of the Dead.

Does it come in pink? Maybe I can do the limbo lindo with it and have my friend linde join in with her laptop holder. I think avvo guys would think its awesome.

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