Jan 17 2008Lightsaber Lamp Gets Knocked Over Easily


Star Wars Lightsaber Lamps are made by NCSX and cost $23. They stand 16" tall, come in green or red and run off AAA batteries. You know what else they run off? Your girlfriend, because she won't stick around long if you start decorating your pad with these things. Actually, that might not be entirely true. If you keep one as a bedside lamp, you may be able to introduce her to the pleasure of the dark side. If you catch my drift. Did you catch it? No? I'm saying use it as a dildo.

lightsaber lamps for true star wars geeks [technabob]

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Reader Comments

But that would be impossible, as any star wars aficionado knows the heat and cutting ability would just slice through any girls private areas. They are not toys. They are serious jedi weapons. These are not the droids you are looking for.

16" tall? So it's like a midget-saber? Or I guess I could use it, I usually use small things to try to compensate...

Other thoughts: whatever #1 said.

Whatever #2 and #1 said...

this is old now. i shouldn't be commenting at all.

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