Jan 31 2008Life Hearts Shirt Is Zelda-ish, Light Up


The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirts From ThinkGeek remind me of playing Zelda and cost $25 apiece (but you're going to need two). When you're far away from your lady/man friend wearing the other shirt your hearts deplete to 2 1/2. When you come within 2 meters of your special someone your meter goes back to a full 6 hearts. Which sure as hell isn't enough to beat Ganon unless you have a bunch of red potions hidden somewhere. Sadly, I don't have anyone to give my matching shirt to. But thankfully ThinkGeek also sells a $12 transmitter that will set your shirt off when you near it. Just set it close to something you love and TA-DA!, you're still lonely. I'm gonna set mine next to the ice cream because *sniffle* it's all I have in the world.

Another picture and a video of the shirts in action after the jump. Warning: Major geek alert.


Thinkgeek Product Page

Thanks to Jennifer, who has guys fighting over who can wear the matching shirt, for the tip

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this is totally an obsessive, short lasting relationship MUST HAVE!!

I can only imagine all the sappy, pushing a week long lovers that are seeing these, looking at each other, and anticipating the mail man...

I know I am!

but the lights lit up before they got close to each other. there's only one explanation. the shirts can READ YOUR MIND.

the shirts know your lusty thoughts.

the shirts know what that stain is on the left corner.

the shirts know what you did in college that time but were really drunk so it didn't really happen, that's what you've decided. yes.

Its so lame and cool at the same time!

As long as you only have the one you can add it to your collection of emo clothes...

Okay I don't say much here but on this one? That doesn't look like a fun party. Usually on Friday nights people don't say "Hey, let's wear some shirts with blinky heavy clumpits built into them and party in a lonely corner of freshly hung sheet rock... with a nearby window for photographic genius effect.

F*** it - I want one.
I find it slightly less lame that there is a transmiter available to set it off.
That makes it kinda ok.

whatev ... i could pwn ganon with 2 hearts and my trusty silver arrows

*cough* back to WOW


this is totally an obsessive, short lasting relationship MUST HAVE!!"

Or maybe just a joke gift to make your partner laugh and act silly. That's how I see it. x)

awwww that's sweet...

Wow, I really want one. XD The transmitter is awesome too, I can put it on my cat :D

rofl, wow..
this is quiet...nerdy xD
lol, which makes it perfect for my boifriend :D
haha ;]
damn, i want one...n.n <3

I bought one of these shirts for my girlfriend for christmas, she opened it and thought it was cute. Then I told her to go change into it, while I waited in the living room with her family, (wearing mine under a sweater). She came back upstairs and I lifted my sweater to show her mine and as she walked towards me the hearts filled up. Good moment. She loves it.

hi friend.. how much is this?? i want to buy.. please reply on my mail pinkybluewish@yahoo.com.. tnx.. reply asap!





Hey how do I get one of these!? I need two bad

thangk you

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