Jan 30 2008It's About Time: Pot Vending Machines


We posted another drug vending machine a little while ago, and now there's one made specifically for marijuana -- all thanks to Vincent Mehdizadeh, a Los Angeles medical-cannabis dispensary owner. The heavily armored machines dispense your medication in 1/8 and 1/4 ounce envelopes and require fingerprint and prepaid card verification in order to operate. 1/8 ounce packages go for about $40. The 24-hour machines were designed to provide "convenient access, lower prices, safety, and anonymity." Awesome, except they'll be stoners hanging around these things like flies waiting for people to use them.

A man who said he has been authorized to use medical marijuana as part of his anger management therapy said the vending machine's security measures would at least protect against illicit use of the drug.

However when his pot got stuck in the machine like a candy bar the man went bat-shit nuts and knocked the dispenser over, spilling skunky Baba Ghanoush Kush everywhere.

Pot vending machines take root in Las Angeles [msnbc]

Thanks to Ryan, who is both handsome and intelligent, for the tip

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$40 an 1/8th?! Screw that. Come up to Canada where it's growing along the side of every road for free.

you can get pot as part of anger management therapy in LA? F*** You, I'm moving. I hate you all. I'm going to kill you. (just trying to make sure I get accepted into anger mgmt class)

probably the best idea ever. lets hope these things aren't permanently cemented to the ground or anything ludicrous like that. i don't feel like busting out my laser cutter and hand drills.

Geekologie writer: LOL

#2: LOL, good one.

Yeah, um no. This is a very bad idea.

When did Ryan become intelligent??

It's not even really legal in California anymore, anyway. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/US/01/24/court.medical.marijuana/index.html

$40 for a half quarter? That better be some good dope/

I do not smoke pot anymore. But from what i have read, the medical pot, is better than your average NUGGETS.

#6. Its legal to use medical marijuana once prescribed by a doctor in California. However, its still federally illegal.

The link you provided talked about a different subject in which someone was fired for being high on pot at work. Prescription or not, the guy knew the risks and got fired. He and his legal team fought it all the way to the Supreme Court which ruled the firing was in fact legal.

The rest of the nation needs to get their collective heads out of their asses and legalize weed. The benefits to society absurdly out way the...wait a minute what are the downsides to the legalization of pot again?

don't imagine the trip hazard wire to the left of the machine would be very helpful when totally stoned...

so yea heres an idea i rob every ounce from that machine go to the streets and sell to little kids at a fair marketed up cost, all the while everyone wins

i get pot and money

vender gets a sense of accomplishment for helping me out

kids get pot

everyone wins

i like this

#9. I fully understand the situation that the article's talking about, don't worry. :) I guess what I'm saying is, it's "legal" to smoke it, but then it's illegal to have a job that tests for drugs while doing so.
If they had found narcotics in his blood and he had a perscription for vicoden or something, it wouldn't have been a problem. But because it was marijuana, which is SO DANGEROUS (...) he's fired for it? Give me a break.
I don't smoke the stuff, or anything, but I know it's not nearly as dangerous as many other legal prescription drugs. I just feel like America needs to get its priorities straight, y'know?

These machines are great the only problem is the supplier keeps spacing out the refill times ; ^p.... right on boinsie ....

i'm holding my breath for vicodin machines. that and maybe a chocolate milk machine. could you imagine? i'd be in heaven. painkillers are grat with chocolate milk. ...and pizza.

its at least 50 an eighth for the good stuff any where else, so yea, its a good deal. now if i could only get the card... maybe we should cut off someones fingertips bwa hah ha

We need a pot vending machine in Arizona for sure!! That is the best damn idea ever I love it. lol

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