Jan 25 2008It's About Time: A Microwave On The Go


Phil Davis is an inventor. An inventor with a dream. An inventor with a dream of a microwave in the bathroom.

Davis said he came up with the idea for the I-Wave when he was thinking about using a hot towel on his face while in the bathroom, and asked himself why a microwave can't be in the bathroom and bedroom.

Ah yes, the old microwave in the bathroom conundrum. Been There Phil, been there. You're on the right track, but you need a mini-fridge/freezer attachment as well, or it's pointless. A microwave in the bathroom is only as good as the number of Pizza Bites and Hot Pockets you have within arm's reach of the john. *Ding* Oh, gotta go -- breakfast biscuit's ready.

iWave Cube [sharperimage]

Thanks to Melissa, who can cook me breakfast anyday, for the tip

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Reader Comments

I see the allure of the microwave oven in the bathroom - the notion of feeding your face with Hot Pockets while simultaneously dumping yesterday's is an awesome prospect indeed.

However, I find that the microwaves (especially the small, low powered ones) often leave the center cold, or overcook the outside until it's rubbery.

I'm going to pass on the microwave in the bathroom and continue doing my bathroom-cooking with the conventional oven I have in there.

Moat: why the complaints. everyone knows that hot pockets are best when the center is still frozen solid.

Agreed DL. The frozen center often seems sweeter than its warm savory exterior and the two compliment each other nicely.
Of course you have to keep in mind that I also like the spaghetti that clumps together if I forget to stir it because is firmer and starchier.
MMMmmmmm - bad cooking is the best kind - Thanks Mom!!!

Outtake from the official catalog: Reheat your coffee without ever leaving your desk! Fire up your stinky fish lunch right within spitting distance of your coworkers. Blow out an entire row of computers while making microwave popcorn!

Why does everyone follow in Apples footsteps with i's in
front of everygoddamn product invented?

iThis iThat iStopCopyingEveryoneElseAndBeOriginalGoddamit!


That's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. It seems to be most prevalent with electronic gadgets sold through SkyMall and Sharper Image. I'm calling Congress. Something MUST be done.

That's a pretty good way to recycle GameCube cases. Can I plug my Gameboy Advance into it and program the defrost setting?

This would be cool if it was a USB device.

120 Watts is for losers!

3 prong bullshit!

I know what you mean with the i-crap. Sucks too, because the i- prefix used to stand for "intelligent" and now it's just too generic.

You could keep it by your pc to hold sensitive dvd backups, if the feds break in just hit nuke.

As a woman, i’d love to have a tiny microwave for the bathroom. would make heating up at-home wax kits much less aggravating. no more having to heat the wax, head to the bathroom, wait for the wax to cool enough not to burn, but then have to go back to the kitchen when only halfway done because by the time you’ve completed one eyebrow the wax is too cool to use.

Ah yes, microwave in the bathroom. I'm buying a "micro microwave" when I find somebody that has one in stock. Heating wet washcloths for shaving. Heating a cup or two of water to put in the shaving scuttle.

And hot pockets, of course.

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