Jan 30 2008Hula Chair Is 5% Exercise, 95% Ridiculous


The Hula Chair has been out for a couple years, but I'd never seen it. And it's ridiculous. It's a chair that moves in a circle while you sit in it, and it's supposed to be great exercise for your abs. It's also supposed to do a bunch of other good stuff for you (it better for $250 plus $70 shipping).

Wake up naturally in the morning without coffee or unhealthy energy drinks! Experience better overall health with our patented Hula Chair. This modern miracle combines the best of ancient traditional Chinese medicine with 21st century space-age technology. Improve your balance and coordination as it gently aligns your spine and improves blood circulation.

21st century space-age technology? What in the hell is space age about a chair with a motor attached to the seat? Whoever works in the marketing department and writes that copy is a crazy person. "Modern miracle?" WTF?!


Hula Chair [gadgetuniverse]

Thanks to Kel, who needs no exercise to stay beautiful, for the tip

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she looks like she's having fun.

Its fart distribution capability has got to be way better than my current office chair...which sadly is more like a pressure sensitive time machine.

i'm totally gonna see If i can get my company to expense that chair for my cubicle!

I want one for sex!

2800 RPM's? Shit, I would never leave work...........

Come on...the more woman who can learn to translate that motion to the bedroom the better!

Friend sent me that infomercial the other day.
I have to say...I nearly laughed my ass off.
It's pretty amusing.

What? Seriously. What?



If you can sit, you can be fit. THE HAWAII CHAIR

Ellen did all her interviews yesterday (or maybe Monday?) in a Hawaii chair. In all fairness, they weren't placing their feet on the ground so it wasn't quite a fair display of the chair's effectiveness, but yeah; ridiculous. XD

It could also be used to induce vomiting.

haha #4....i thought the same thing.

that cant possibly be good for your back,

i have got to get me one of those. i bet you'd have a blast every workout.

the chair looks nice, too.

A couple of those people looked like they were gonna fall off for sure.

Also, is it wrong to be turned on watching those girls swivel their hips at 2800 rpm?

Ok, let me break this down:

"Wake up naturally in the morning without coffee or unhealthy energy drinks!" implying everyone wakes up to drink coffee or unhealthy energy drinks (they don't mention healthy energy drinks).

"This modern miracle..." It's a chair, correct me if I'm wrong, but that in itself is NOT a miracle...God didn't tell Moses (ok you can either cross this river as I part it or you can make a chair, choose wisely). Also, the combines the best of ancient traditional Chinese medicine" was in herbs, not furniture, so unless this chair injects you with herbs and does acupuncture, that's a lie. with 21st century space-age technology." Well, I'm sure we can all remember the tragic 2003 explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia...implying that this chair may take you up into the air and explode, killing you instantly.

"Improve your balance and coordination..." Spinning improves your balance and coordination eh? I always experienced dizziness and the exact opposite of coordination.

"...as it gently aligns your spine and improves blood circulation." Right, so this chair sprouts arms and comes with a chiropractor license, and it comes with blood thinners.

So having said all that, I want three, and for a few reasons. I can take it to work, pretend I'm working...the people in the video look very productive in this chair. I can use it to exercise, since more and more machines have been made to make people lazy and not have to actually do exercise (instead, have machines do it for you), Last but certainly not least, sitting on this chair while having your manhood serviced must be one hell of a way to use this chair if your woman lacks the proper neck agility.

hilarious! funniest thing i've seen in a while

Oh my god. My Mom has one of these chairs, I'm assuming from a Chinese health company, because we're Chinese and I think we're, as a culture, particularly enamoured by this kind of thing. Last time I went home, my Mom had this in the living room - it looked hilarious and felt scary. I can't believe they've started marketing this to white people.

Another supposed benefit is that it "loosens you up" for healthy bowel movements. =)

Now I know how to get free actors/actresses for my next porn movie.


i luv men

it's a modern day sit and spin. f***n'-a!

I would love to get one of these chairs. Too bad it doesn't have wheels on it. Because I would never what to get up from it. I would do all my work in the office just by rolling and spinning. And YES! I could get some damn good sex on it too. BUT NOT AT WORK. The guys here are not worthy of a good ride. :0)

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