Jan 31 2008Hitch Hands Are Utterly Ridiculous, OMG


I know what you're thinking -- there's no way a product can top the swinging testicles in the "stupid truck accessories" department. Well making a valiant effort is the Hitch Hand. It's a $40 hand that mounts on your truck hitch. You can form it to make such hilarious gestures as "the finger" and "the shocker". Oh my god if I had been old enough to drive in 8th grade this thing would have been the shit.

Hitch Hands Website complete with dumb ass questions section

Thanks to Kelly, who knows a classy product when she sees one, for the tip

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Reader Comments

Bet ya every truck in the South will have this mounted on their radical pickups!

Bet ya everyone north of Tennessee will buy one of these to shove up their own ass.

when i saw this i had visions of me raming some bastards truck over and over again with a $300 pinto.

"Hey Earl, I see you got one of dem hitch hands."

"Oh that. Nah, some drifeter grabbed onto my bumper but I lost em when I hit the interstate."

Wouldn't dish washing gloves be less expensive?

Who knew there was such a market for Things You Can Hang Off The Back Of Your Truck?




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