Jan 9 2008Hide Unsightly Wires With Unsightly Brick


I'm just kidding, the Powerblock is kind of growing on me. As you can see it's a powerstrip that's hidden inside a, um, I'm just going to call it a geometric figure. When implemented, you no longer have to see your damn cords sprawled out all over the place. Lets face it -- nobody likes a bunch of wires everywhere. And nobody likes a bunch of clowns everywhere either, because those guys are freaking scary. Hence Anticlown Media.

UPDATE: Turns out the thing costs 115€ (~$168!), making it the piece of crap I thought it was from the beginning. I'm holding out for a knock-off.

Say Goodbye To Messy Cables [yankodesign]

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don't most people just put a sofa in front of the outlet?

I think one important thing wasn't mentioned. This stupid thing costs A HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN EURO!


For a hundred and seventy dollars, I'll just hide 'em the old fashioned way. With furniture.

@1 that's what I do but I have 14 couches and two more outlets to cover

The tragic part about all of tihs is that as low-tech as it is, it DOESN'T WORK!!!

Notice the picture, here. In the "clean and orderly image," the only cord visible is the lamp. Congratulations. You made it possible to plug in a single lamp without a rat's nest of electrical cords.

If you were to actually USE all those adapters plugged into this thing, you'd STILL have a mess of wires coming out all over the place.

All this thing does is make your in-laws wonder why the hell you've got an electric rock in your living room.

Way to turn down the opacity in Photoshop, Powerblock makers.

I thought the same thing as #4.

Wow. with a 3$ can of white paint, a piece of cardboard, basic cutting implement (knife, scissors) that you have already, and a few bits of tape, you could make this in 10 minutes for almost free. Besides, the design won't work. as said, with all the appliances creating wires being used, you still have a mess of stuff. now, if each small device had a crevice to rest in (cell phone, ipod, etc) on the 'rock', now then you have a good idear.

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