Jan 28 2008Happy Birthday LEGO, I Love You So Much!


According to the company LEGO turns 50 today because it marks the anniversary of the patent approval for their famous interlocking bricks. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY LEGO! This is also the 30th year minifigs have been in existence. So HAPPY 30th YEAR IN EXISTENCE MINIFIGS! I love you all so much. Please enjoy the cake I made for you. Maybe afterwards we'll head down to the bar and I'll drop a couple of you in my beer. Feel free to drink as much as you want, just don't choke me if I accidentally swallow you.

Check out a PDF of LEGO's historic achievements here

The LEGO Brick Turns 50 [boingboing]

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Reader Comments

Just be sure to put one of those Duplo bricks, so we have something to read tomorrow. :)

I love LEGO.

gonna get some of those lego "mindstorms", and build me a robot woman! on second thought, I don't like square boobs.

oh yeah, and that cake is FAKE!!!!

Lego is amazing <3

i desperately want a bite! O_O

Umm, I'm no nuclear Lego scientist but I'm pretty sure that Lego bricks have straight edges. They're not all blobby and deformed like the one in the picture. Way to make Lego cry on its 50th birthday, novelty cake maker.

In 2006: Children across the country donated over 1.5 million LEGO bricks to help schools in New Orleans rebuild after Hurricane Katrina®.

p.s. Also in 2006: LEGO MINDSTORMS® were introduced "setting off a global fever for robotics"

your cake looks pretty sad.
but i suppose it's sweet that you made something like that. it must have very, very, VERY difficult for you. i'd be mildly glad to get something like that if i were LEGO. coz mostly it would give me the creeps...

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