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For The Ladies: Sweet Doggie Bags!


Now these are some of the sweetest doggie bags I've ever seen. They're little dachshunds! How cuuute. Precious actually. Except for the eyes. I'm thinking they should have gone with googly eyes instead of the X eyes. They come in black, brown, and red and will set you back a staggering $250. Of course you could probably sew your own together for far cheaper. This would make a great gift to get your special lady for Valentine's *wink, wink*. What could be better than a little wiener dog purse? Well, besides a real dog. Just be careful and don't buy them from the guy on the street corner that sells them out of his jacket. Because I bought a miniature schnauzer from him and it turned out to be a sewer rat. I tried to return it and the dude just stabbed me.

Two more pictures of the bag after the jump.



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Thanks to Melissa, a serious fashionista, for the tip

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