Jan 22 2008Message Tape: Analog Packing Tape Is Lame


I touched on this packing tape back in October, but now SUCK UK is selling the stuff, in both traditional LCD and Pixel varieties. A mini roll will set you back £5 (~$9.80) and the big ones go for £7.50 (~$14.70), which is pretty freaking expensive for some damn tape. Still, if you can't stand the look of plain analog packing tape, maybe this is for you. You know, the pixel tape kind of reminds me of the opscan forms you had to fill out for multiple choice tests in college. I would always get two and after I was done taking the test I'd put a fake name on the other and fill in the bubbles to look like a monster penis. Ah, college.

A NSFW example of an old test of mine if you don't know what I'm talking about, after the jump.


Pixel or digital message tape [popgadget]

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and that penis is FAKE!

Hey! you are suppose to choose just one answer per question!

It would take forever to black out all the light parts to make a message. It's faster to use regular brown tape and just use a black marker. Handwriting might be worse, but you won't get carpal tunnel.


FYI JustBuzzed, it's just for lables... You wouldn't use it to tape up a box...

FYI Mr_Freak (I'll need to see a diploma before I call you "Dr"),
blacking out the light parts to make a message on the label would take forever and give you carpal tunnel. nobody was suggesting that you seal a package with it and then black out the entire thing. try to pay attention.

What the hell ever happened to scribbling all over something with a sharpie?! I'm beginning to dislike you people.


You can tell that penis is a fake, a photo-shop job.
The shadows are all wrong

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