Dec 18 2007Wine Loving Robot Scores World Record


The Tasting Robot, designed by NEC, has scored a 2008 Guinness World Record as the first robot sommelier (wine steward). The cute little bastard can "accurately assess a wine's type and ingredients by simply holding a sensor over the bottle". But he doesn't stop there, he can do the same thing for a lot of fruits and cheeses as well. Because let's face it, apples and bananas are often hard to differentiate. I was skeptical so I decided to really put the little guy to the test by tossing him in the cat's litterbox. Sadly the little bastard exploded. However his dying words did sound a lot like “oh shit”, which was correct.

R.I.P. Wine Loving Robot, you'll be missed homey. I'll pour out a little Cabernet Sauvignon in your memory as soon as I can afford a box.

NEC Robot Sommelier cracks open the Guinness records books [dvice]

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Reader Comments

I'll be the classiest guy in the restaurant - having my robot test the wine for me. No more sniffing corks for me. Chicks will really go for me now

This is a stupid thing! I like to taste wine...

Impressive and all, but as many gadgets, very impractical.

Why does it look like he lives in a shoebox?

What's so wrong with living in a shoe box, elitist bastard?
Hell, I'll wear some poster tubes on my arms to get this job:
beep boop - this hooch needs more antifreeze...

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